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This is my Week #3 Blog competition. As you can see I put in my slideshow with things you can do so you don’t get a fine for copyright. Things you can do to not get copyright. I will say some of the things I said in the slideshow but on here I will say more.

  1. You can make your own picture using, Google Drawing or any other available self-draw service that’s accessible
  2. You can buy an image. This isn’t a very common thing for people in school. It is possible to do while you’re at home and your parents give you permission to buy one
  3. You could use Google Images but most are able to be subject to copyright. You could ask the person who made/took the photo if you could use it. Just make sure to give them credit
  4. You could use Free Image websites! They have equally as great photos as google.

I hope you enjoyed my blog on how to not get copyrighted! Have you ever been copyrighted? If or if not tell me more!

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  1. Georgia blog, wow your blog post was very informative. I like how you started with a slide show that instantly caught my attention and got me interested in what you were writing about. I also enjoyed how informative your blog post was. Keep up the good work.

    McDowell media

  2. Hello Georgia, I am Amanda. You included very good information about copyright. It is important to know what images to use so that you are not copyrighting. I like to use my own photos on my blog, but when I have to, I use free images and I always include the source. I think your presentation is very well done and has good information on it. Please visit my blog at and leave a comment.

  3. Hi! My name is Cashton, I saw your post on the SBC page and thought I might visit. I liked how you did the google slide presentation! I hate when people use themes. When they do custom slide themes, they always look better. I hope you come visit my blog.

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